Breaking up with Coffee

After reading an article about J-Lo I’ve taken the decision to give up coffee. Don’t shout at me – be patient. So, apparently Jenny from the block looks so damn good because of about 5 thinks she does.

1) minimum 8 hours sleep

2) good diet/ clean eating

3) regular exercise

4) a whole lot of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

5) no alcohol or caffeine
So really, if you look at that list then I’m probably doing the easiest thing. But this is a work in progress. So for this Monday, I am giving up coffee.
Coffee in my office is usually codeword for – gets the hell outta here for a ten minute break. Truth is, I always buy a coffee, something ridiculously large and even more ridiculously strong. Extra large mocha with another shot and soy milk, please. Double espresso with brown sugar, thanks. Iced latte with an extra shot and almond milk, great thanks! I don’t even really like coffee, I just like the buzz.
As of today I pledge to give it up, so I can look like J-Lo (unless it’s decaff). Show your support and don’t be jealous when I have the skin of 15 year old.



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