Thank you Krakow

I’ve been travelling so much lately and I’m having a great time. My new Years resolution was a to visit a different city each month of this year and so far I’m smashing it!

On 08 July I visit Krakow, Poland with my friend and had an equally fantastic and awful time. We spent a day visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, this was such a devastating place. I found the trip so educational and informative. It was so humbling and disgusting at the same time. I think it was so important that we did this especially with the rise in the number of hate crimes that are occurring and the continuing attacks from terrorist groups. Although I walked through each of the rooms crying and feeling more and more bewildered that this could have happened, I am glad that I did.

It made me feel confident that the choice I’m making in regards to how I live my life, staying open minded, accepting people as they are but ridding myself of those who are negative and unkind. Trying my best to cause no harm to anyone or anything. I am in a way happy that I found the experience so emotional and draining, as some of my tour group walked around chatting to one another, taking photographs and selfies. These people were not absorbing the gravity of situation, they were taking tourist photos to show their friends and put on Facebook. I really don’t think they got it.

I don’t think I will ever return for a second tour as I think the experience will stay with me for a very long time, but I would urge anyone and everyone to visit.

For the rest of the trip we enjoyed all of the sites of the city; the castle, the markets and the outdoor performances. The vodka shots and the great food were also welcomed.

For a great vegan-friendly Italian restaurant visit Boscaiola restaurant near the main market square.

For excellent and very cheap vodka and drinks visit Bania Luka in the Jewish quarter.


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