I went to a yoga class in my gym this week. I won’t lie I was really nervous, I’m trying to do things that challenge me while I’m here in Denmark and attending a yoga class taught solely in Danish was definitely a challenge. The only Danish I speak is “Thanks” and counting to ten, so…


Everyone was really friendly and SUPER into their yoga. The smiled but boy they did not speak. Aside from whispering to the instructor that I didn’t speak Danish so I might seem confused as I try to follow along, no other conversations were held for the hour.


The things I learned;

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. As long as you do what your body allows you get the intended effect.

The Happy Baby pose.

That it is REALLY working your muscles because my body HURT the next day!


I fully intend on going back next week because I really felt the benefits. We ended the class with around a ten minute meditation (well I think we were meditating, otherwise everyone was having a nap and I should have napped too).




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