Oops, can I have a latte?

And on the fifteenth day – there was coffee.


My J.Lo inspired coffee hiatus lasted a whopping two weeks and one day. I won’t lie, I was half bored and half p*ssed off due to a tooth ache when I threw in the towel. Maybe I’m not ready to be J.Lo, but I do know I was ready for the soya latte.


I haven’t noticed any difference in the two weeks I didn’t have caffeine, my skin didn’t look any better and I wasn’t feeling fresher. To be honest I don’t think I even drink enough coffee to have any kind of withdrawal or caffeine-free rebirth.  Going forward I’ll try to keep a handle on how much I drink but really I think this was a wasted exercise. Maybe I’ll try to sleep minimum 8 hours a night, probably fail that one too…




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