Crammed into a month

I’ve been doing many things recently, none of which are blogging. I know, I know – I’m crap. Ah well! This is my catch up and hopefully introduction into more frequently blogging. 
Things AMP has done in the last few months:

  • Wake-boarding (I loved this so much and would recommend to anyone)
  • Completed a Tough Mudder (this was hell on earth and a swore never to do another one)
  • Signed up for another Tough Mudder (realised my word is worth eff all!)
  • Started training for the Belfast Marathon (feel free to encourage me)
  • Moved out of my lovely Copenhagen apartment in preparation for moving permanently back to London
  • Booked (most of) my accommodation for my trip to Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Went to an 80s Power Ballad night in Camden
  • Hit most of the targets when clay pigeon shooting
  • Started practicing yoga (which is a lot harder than it looks)
  • Completed an assignment for a qualification I am working towards
  • Moved into a new house in London which is big and lovely and full of fun people
  • Learned how to play a new board game called Coupe 

So, I’ve been a busy little beaver. I haven’t cooked for myself, I’ve forgotten how to use an oven and don’t remember how to peel a potato, shame on me. But, oh well. Such is life. Maybe I can learn these things this month!


Note: the photo is me straight after finishing Tough Mudder! Yikes!


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